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Buy authentic & traditional aranmulamirrors directly from the artisans. All mirrors comes with hologram sticker for authenticity

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Aranmula metal mirrors are handmade metal-alloy mirrors, made in Aranmula, Kerala, India. The uniqueness of mirror lies in the fact that it is not made of normal ‘silvered’ glass.The exact metals used in the alloy are mixed with copper and tin before polishing it for several days in a row to achieve their reflective surface. In a normal mirror, the image is formed from the inner surface. However, in Aranmula Kannadi, light will reflect from the outer surface (i.e., from polished metal surface) which gives a perfect image.
Each and every mirror is unique in its appearance, design and other attributes. Basically three types of models available. Hand mirror,Back stand,Fixed stand. normal cases the hand mirrors are smallest and back stand is more heavier and the fixed one is heaviest. We also provide special models based on our customer requirements like award memento, hall of fame etc.Normally the Aranmula mirror comes in a size which ranges from 2 inches to 6 inches – those are the most popular models, which people buy as gift or kept in their homes/business Organisations. Apart from that our artisans have made world’s biggest models which is of 24 inches that is even kept in British Museum in London


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  • 5-7 days needed  for  completing the product.If the product is already in the stock,we will dispatch it as soon as possible

    Aranmula Kannadi Features

    •  There is a great difference between an ordinary mirror and the metallic mirror. In an ordinary mirror, there is a silver nitrate coating which reflects the light and thus presents the image of the object. There is no silver coating on the metallic mirror. When you touch a piece of paper on the surface of an ordinary mirror, there appears a gap between the object and the image whereas in the Aranmula metal mirror there is a point touching of two images and there exists no gap between the images.
    • Aranmula kannadi is famous for its secretive construction method and uniqueness in the make which gets Patent protected with a Geographical Indication tag
    • It is the only metal mirror available, Unlike Ordinary Glass mirror, Image from Aranmula Kannadi is reflected from the upper surface of reflecting material, wherein Glass mirror image reflected from the bottom layer where mercury is pasted. So real image is only captured in the Aranmula kannadi.
    • Extraordinary handmade Aranmula Kannadi is Famous for bringing prosperity, luck and wealth to home
    • Aranmula kannadi is one among 8 auspicious items included famous astamagalaya set, which usually used for a very auspicious function like marriage.
    • Aranmula Kannadi its make details only known to few people in one family belong to Aranmula and it is kept as a family secret
    • Artisans even today use by traditional low-tech methods and materials a rather sophisticated high-tech metallurgical end product is achieved

    Instruction for users:

    • Keep the mirror under room temperature away from heat and dust. Do not touch by fingers on the reflective surface. Fingerprints with moisture should be cleaned off immediately.
    • For Cleaning mirror frame:Use any metal polish ( specially made for brass) for cleaning the aranmula kannadi surface; apply a thin layer of metal polish and then polish with mild cotton clothes. as you polish more, it will be more shiny.
    • For Cleaning mirror part:Use mixture of any metal polish ( specially made for brass) with few drops of edible oil;then polish with mild cotton clothes.After that sprinkle the Red Oxide Powder, Blue or Talcom Powder on the mirror and hold it in a slant position allowing the dust and other particles rolled off from the reflective surface.
    • In case of any fungus formation due to careless handling use just few drops of edible oil on the affected with the finger and rub it for one or two minutes and then clean it as mentioned above. The red-oxide process of cleaning can be repeated continuously five times or until you get the original reflection
    •  Keep your Aranmula kannadi open and exposed to air. NEVER KEEP ARANMULA KANNADI CLOSED IN A BOX.
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